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It can be scary to be involved in a motorcycle accident. You may be hurt, your bike may be ruined or needs extensive repairs to be roadworthy again, and you may be left needing to take extensive time off work as you recover. No matter what’s going on, a motorcycle accident lawyer California can help. Your attorney can guide you through the process of being compensation by the insurance company of the at fault driver and will help you as you get back to normal life. Here’s what you need to know about your motorcycle accident attorney.

What You Get Compensation For

Fortunately, most people don’t get into enough motorcycle accidents that they know the ins and outs of the system. However, that means that you may not be aware of what things you are eligible to be compensated for. Any medical expenses and bills incurred as a result of injuries sustained in the accident should be covered. Any future pain and suffering are also covered, as is lost wages and loss of earning ability.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer California: Timing of Your Claim

There is a sense of urgency that goes with filing an injury claim after a motorcycle accident. Generally you have two years, but the sooner, the better. There are some situations that require you to file your claim sooner. If you don’t file within those parameters, you may lose your right to any compensation for your injuries. Once you’ve been injured, it’s best to file as soon as you can so your attorney can get to work on getting your compensation figured out for you.

What to do After a Motorcycle Accident

If you’ve just been in a motorcycle accident, call 911 right away. If you can’t make the call yourself, ask someone else to do it for you. Never refuse medical care at the scene of the accident. Sometimes adrenaline and stress can hide injuries so if the paramedics tell you that you need treatment, accept it, even if you don’t think you do. If you don’t go to the hospital, see a doctor in the day or two following the accident so you have a record of any injuries or issues you’re facing. Waiting too long to get medical care can lower your compensation when you file your claim so never wait too long.

Information You Need

Chances are that you’re pretty shaken up at the scene of the accident, but you’ll need to be sure to get as much of the following information as possible. Take down the name, address and phone number of the other party, as well as their insurance information and the make, model, year and VIN number of the other vehicle involved in the accident. Take photos of the vehicles and the scene and get information from witnesses at the scene.

A motorcycle accident lawyer in California is vital for getting your compensation and getting back to normal life. If you have been in a motorcycle accident, call the experts at Belal Hamideh Law for help today.