Belal Hamideh Investigating Navvis and Company Data Breach

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Belal Hamideh, an attorney serving the state of California, is currently investigating the data breach at Navvis and Company. This investigation is being conducted to potentially file a class action lawsuit on behalf of California residents whose information may have been breached. 

Navvis and Company, a company that works with health plans, health systems, and physician enterprises, suffered a data breach in July of 2023. 

According to the breach notification that they submitted to the California Attorney General, Navvis and Company determined that “between July 12, 2023, and July 25, 2023, an authorized actor may have had access to certain systems. As a result, certain files and information within these systems may have been accessed or acquired by the unauthorized actor.” 

That information included consumers’ dates of birth, Social Security numbers, Medicare and Medicaid numbers among many others. Additionally, the breach included information about consumers’ health plans, medical records, medical treatment, doctors/providers, health records, and more. 

With that information, the unauthorized actors could cause problems for those whose sensitive data was breached. 

After completing the internal investigation, Navvis started the process of sending data breach notification letters to those whose information may have been stolen. 

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Currently, Belal Hamideh is investigating the data breach to begin the process of filing a class action lawsuit. 

“If you gave your information to Navvis, you did so with the understanding that they would protect it. So, if you were harmed by this, you may qualify for compensation. If you receive a notice of data breach from Navvis and Company, I strongly urge you to contact our office for a free consultation,” said Belal Hamideh. 

For more information about how Belal Hamideh can help with a data breach, contact Belal Hamideh Law, P.C. at (888) 503-2850.