A Bus Accidents Lawyer in California: Liability in a Tour Bus Accident

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California has millions of tourists every year. Most tourists would book a tour bus to help them explore the city. However, when your tour bus meets an accident, who is liable for it? A bus accidents lawyer in California may have the answer.

Tour buses are known to cause minor annoyances in the city of California. For instance, they take up a lot of making spaces on crowded streets.

They also stop at those inconvenient places to pick up or drop off tourists. And when these buses collide with other buses or vehicles, they can cause extreme annoyance to pedestrians and other motorists.

If your tour bus is involved in a serious traffic accident, any person can be liable. To pursue a personal injury case, you should contact our bus accident lawyer in California. At Belal Hamideh law office, we have won several cases involving bus accidents.

Bus accidents are not rare in California. If the accident resulted in the death of one or more people, the family members of the victims could file a compensation claim through a wrongful death lawsuit.

Unfortunately, knowing the parties that are responsible can be quite a challenge. However, determining the liable party is vital, especially if the accident is significant that may exceed the insurance limits of one party.

The liable parties may include the bus driver and owner of the bus. Other motorists may also be liable if they contributed to the accident. Additional liable parties may also be involved.

bus accident lawyer in long beach liability in a tour bus accident

Bus Accidents Lawyer in California : Get Checked Right Away

No matter how minor the accident was, you must get checked for any injuries. Keep in mind that the adrenaline rush after the accident can hide any pain from the injuries.

It masks the aches for days after the event. That said, it is vital that you have your head and spine checked for any injuries.

Never Say “I’m Fine”

Keep in mind that anything you say will be used against you. That is, if you need to file your claim, it will be denied. After all, you already said that you are fine. That statement alone is evidence that you were not injured in the accident.

Hire an Attorney

Before you talk to anyone from the insurance company of the tour bus, make sure that you talk to a bus accident lawyer. As mentioned earlier, any statement you make will be used against you. It could invalidate your claim. By communicating with an attorney, you will know what and what not to say to an insurance agent.

It is also pertinent not to accept an early settlement from the tour bus company. Most insurers would give you a low offer because you do not yet understand the severity of the accident.

By giving you a low offer, they could save thousands of money. But you, as a victim will end up paying hundreds to thousands of dollars in medical bills.

Injured in a Tour Bus Accident in California

If you have been in a bus accident, make sure to contact a bus accident lawyer in California. At Belal Hamideh law office, we offer a free consultation by calling our hotline (562) 526-1224.